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Glove Material Comparison

Latex GlovesMaterial - Latex

  • Latex material provides a Soft and Comfortable fit.
    A low-modulus glove (force required to stretch the glove) which gives a softer, more elastic feel while providing optimal comfort for extended periods of wear.
  • High Elasticity and memory allows for a good fit to the user hands providing increased Tactile Sensitivity.
    Provides good gripping characteristics for your work situation.
  • Latex is available in a broader range of thicknesses for a variety of uses.
    Less likely to puncture, tear or leak which is important for barrier protection and durability.
  • A good material for high-risks situations, including exposure to blood-borne pathogens or other potentially infectious substances.
  • Low Protein Powder-free disposable Latex Gloves can minimize latex-related irritations and allergies.





Nitrile GlovesMaterial - Nitrile

  • Nitrile material varies in softness and flexibility. Some are comfortable and fit well, whereas some are stiff and not flexible. Low to medium modulus.
  • High Tensile strength provides superior puncture resistance, important for barrier protection and durability. Nitrile is most suited when requiring protection from a broad range of high-risk work environments.
  • Provides a strong barrier of protection and resistance to chemicals such as solvents, greases and oils.
    Nitrile is an excellent choice of glove material when working in a high-risk environment where you may be in contact with blood-borne pathogens or hazardous substances.
  • Nitrile is a synthetic, non-latex material thereby minimizing the chances of irritation or allergic reaction since it does not contain any proteins.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) VINYL GlovesMaterial - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) VINYL

  • Vinyl is a synthetic material soft to the touch and comfortable with more of a loose fit.
  • There is a lower level of elasticity and durability with vinyl compared to other glove materials.
  • Vinyl is a relatively strong material that does well with extended contact of water, foods, oils and commonly used chemicals.
  • A practical, economical barrier of protection material for all types of general and low-risk work environment applications that do not involve exposure to blood, body fluids or hazardous chemicals.

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